Network 7 Media Group is the flagship media of SB Brand Network & is a new age digital media company based in India. In an era where world’s biggest personalities & brands are heavily focused on building the image through digital media world, Network 7 Media Group is an attempt by a group of passionate & crazy professionals. Since its inception, the initiatives of Network 7 Media Group has always been out of the blues, unconventional & path-breaking. We believe that unless we are charged & not given a electric shock in our mission to achieve something new, we don’t feel like taking up the assignments as we believe that uniqueness in the product & original in its concept are the twin mantras that drive us, while we may be mocked & often criticized by  others of being ‘risky & unthinkable’, only to prove them wrong once we finish the assignment in style & perfection with success. We are often leveled by our critics of being ‘unimaginable mindset’ & ‘unconventional player’. We take these criticism as compliments & feel proud to break the laws to create a new innovation & ideas that are trendsetting. We attempt to create a new mindset of thought process. We convert ideas into actions, challenges into opportunities & dreams to realities.

Network 7 Media Group has given birth to some of the excellent media properties in the form of a news media & are widely acclaimed for its independent & unbiased journalism. We have been in the limelight for bringing a change in approach, attitude & a new way of looking. We dont follow a fixed set of rules, regulations, rather we innovate our thinking to experiment with the truth often neglected by the established players. We are fearless, strong & independent.

Our mainstream news media’s include vibrant Indian Affairs, Odisha Affairs, Breakfastnews, Pharmaleaders, Pharmanewsprwire.

Our prestigious & credible events are often talked about in various forums such as Jai Mumbai, India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards, Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards

“Despite stable political leadership, corruption is ingrained in India at multiple levels. We often hear or read about some or the other scam through various news sources, but the culprits are barely ever convicted for their crimes. You can either blame it on our slow and loophole-prone judicial system or hidden political agendas. But the biggest reason for the rampant corruption in our country is ‘silence’.

‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ is a great motto to live life by but not when evil causes great harm to our nation. We don’t have to go to war to bring a change, all we need to do is raise our voices against what’s wrong and spread the truth.”

Our story

Indian Affairs is Asia’s Most Definitive & Credible News Media in mainstream Journalism &  Network 7 Media Group’s Annual Event,  is also India’s Only Dedicated Celebration Of Excellence In Leadership Innovation, Creative Excellence And Brand Transformation.

Innovation is the buzzword & Creativity with  innovations will be the key deliberations at asia’s most awaited & prestigious meeting point at the 10th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards.

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